Highly Strung Jewellery

Hi there, my name is Carol Shaw and I am the owner and founder of Highly Strung Jewellery.  It all started many years ago when, as an avid crafter, I attended a Jewellery Making Workshop to learn a new skill. That was it, I was hooked.  I soon began making lots of lovely items, not just for myself but friends and family too.  The word spread, and I soon gained a loyal client base who commissioned items from me and also snapped up everything I made.

I soon decided to start Highly Strung Jewellery so that I could formalise my business and develop a brand which I could market.   Whilst working in my own businesses during the day (debt advice and financial services), I knew I had the experience and business acumen to make this a success.

My skills and techniques developed and I soon found some fabulous supplies so that I could ensure that only the best quality materials are used.   I sell here online, as well as through craft fairs and country shows around the UK.

So why buy handmade items ? If you want jewellery that is well made, one of a kind, and made from high quality materials, then my items are perfect for you.  When buying from a crafts person you are taking advantage of years of training, experimentation, skill and knowledge.  The item you buy will be made to perfection taking the utmost time and care.  Each item is lovingly made and no two items will ever be exactly the same.  You are not just buying a unique piece of jewellery, but a handful of love and pride too.  

I have been so blessed by the response of my work, and are regularly asked to provide talks to ladies groups, demonstrations and of course classes and workshops.  

The joy of what I do makes my heart sing, and I can honestly say that I do what I love, and love what I do.


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