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Are Craft Fairs Still Popular ?

Imagine spending a sunny afternoon in a typically idyllic English village, browsing around a Craft Fair whilst enjoying a refreshing glass of Pimms.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it?   But does anyone actually still attend Craft Fairs?

Well, in the UK, as we know, the weather isn't always condusive to outdoor events even in the height of summer.   Even if the day does turn out to be warm and dry, if it's been raining all week you could still be up to your knees in mud - dare I mention Glastonbury!

Then there's the stalls, OK so we know we can always find a tombola, guess the sweets in the jar and the obligatory bric a brac stall (full of everyone else's rubbish).

What about the actual Craft Stall Holders ?  Unfortunately these are usually very few and far between, and often interspursed with stalls containing items which have been "crafted" in China or elsewhere.  Personally I've never been able to determine which part of "Craft Fair" the Aloe Vera products, Pheonix Cards, Plastic Handbags and cheap cosmetics fit into.

I blame the organisers, so I know they are only hosting the event to make money, and rightly so as it's their business too, but hey, come on, at least find some decent crafters to hold stalls for you.  Craft Fair Photo

Crafts people and artisans are not a dying breed, we like to create and love to share our wares and show people how things are made and how these skills can be passed onto to future generations.   In recent years there has been a massive resurgence of all things hand made, upcylced and re-purposed.  You only have to try and get served in your local hobby store on a Saturday afternoon to know that!.

So why, oh why, are there less and less crafts people attending Craft Fairs ?  I blame the internet.  Internet shopping has taken over, within seconds, you can have chosen an item, clicked to pay and even had confirmation that your parcel is on it's way, all without leaving the confort of your cosy sofa.   Don't get me wrong, I love internet shopping, but there is a time and place for everything.  The internet has stolen some of the joy and fun of shopping.

So next time you want to buy a special gift or just spend a sunny afternoon browsing, take a thought for your local artisans and crafts people and instead of googling to purchase, google to find a local craft fair, summer fair or similar and jump in the car and spend a fun afternoon chatting with some lovely people who will really appreciate you taking the time to ask them about their items.

Oh yes, and don't forget the wellies, just in case. 

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