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Craft Studio - Genius at work or Organised Chaos ?

If ever you get to come to my workspace you may think it's in dire need of a good tidy up, and you would be right!

It's true, I work to the space I have available, a bit like a goldfish.  Goldfish grow to the space they are given, hence why pond fish are larger than fish living in a small glass bowl.  This is exactly the same in craft rooms or design studios.  The space you have may start all tidy and organised, but it doesn't take long before you run out of space and have to coe up with ingenious space saving storage solutions.

Being short of space does focus the mind.  I've had to plan several trips to Ikea to buy more worktops, storage drawers and other bits and pieces. 

Because I am involved in several crafts, I have a wide range of materials and equipment, all of which needs to be stored so that I can easily access when required.  This is why I scour Pinterest and look for lots of different craft storage ideas, and there are loads, believe me.

So, genius or chaos?  I will leave that up to you.   (Here's a photo after a the big tidy up).


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