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Findings & Fastenings - It's not all about the beads !

Have you ever thought about what goes into designing jewellery ?

You would expect for the colours, textures, styles and materials to be the main factors, but what about the findings and fasteners ?

Jewwellery Findings is the term given to all the little bits and pieces that holds the whole thing together.  Items such as little round jump rings, connectors, wire loops, head pins, crimp tubes, chain, and of course fastenings,

All of these have to be carefully selected to suit the stones or beads you are using.  For example, do we need silver, bronze, gold or copper tones to tie in with the overall colour scheme ?

Once the colour scheme has been selected, we know need to look at the styles, modern or vintage ?

Now that the findings have been selected, we need to determine what type of clasp should be used.   What sort of weight is the item being made ?  Is it chunky or delicate ?  Would the item be too heavy for a megnetic clasp ?   Is the item aimed at an elderley market, in which case would they easily open and close the clasp ?

There are so many choices out there, which makes my job really fun. as I can experiment with lots of different styles and finishes to make each piece of jewellery unique.

Of course, if a piece doesn't work out, or doesn't suit the style, I can always change it.   That's the joy of being able to remodel items.   

At Highly Strug HQ, we love working with magnetic clasps, just because they are so versatile, and can be opened easily without any struggles.   We also offer a fastener replacement service which includes a little TLC for your jewellery and a brand new replacement magnetic or other style clasp to make your jewellery looking like new.



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