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Stuck for Inspiration

I really love making things, but sometimes I get completely stuck for inspration.  I don't know why this occurs, it just does.

There are so many things around me that I could take inspiration from, such as the seasons, the wide array of occurs in nature which you would think would provide more than enough to get the artistic juices flowing.  There are days when nothing gets me started.

For days like these, I find it better to park things on one side and just have a big tidy up in my studio instead.   Then, more often than not, I find something tucked away and the inspiration hits.  It could be some pretty fabric, a packet of beads, an odd button, a picture or magazine article that was lurking in the back of a cupboard.

Whatever it is, ideas start popping into my head, that's when I get my notepad out and start sketching down ideas.   Sometimes the ideas don't come until much later, when i'm cooking dinner or doing the laundry (life as an artisan can be very glamourous at times).   It really doesn't matter, as you can make lots of notes and musings in your pad and take a look at them when you have time.

So, I no longer worry about running out of ideas, as I know they will come sooner or later.   Now where did I put my notebook?


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