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Tools of the Trade

There is a misconception that you need a large variety of specialist tools in order to get started making jewellery.

Actually you don't, you can get away with a few pairs of pliers and a wire cutter and off you go.

The main types you need to get started are:

Wire Cutters - a good pair of wire cutters is essential to giving you a rofessional look to your jewellery.  You really don't want to skimp on these as rough edges or jagged cuts will make your items look shoddy and poorly made.

Roud Nosed Pliers - these are conical in shape and are useful for making wire loops which are essential for basic jewellery making.

Flat Nosed Pliers - These are very similar to the conical pliers only they have a flat inside edge to allow you to sqeeze findings really tightly,

Square Nosed Pliers - square nosed pliers are great for giving a perfectly flat or square edge to wire projects.

Crimping Pliers - The only tool you can sucessfully attach crimps to the end of your beading wires with.  There are two appertures in the mouth of this tool to allow you to use the two step process involved in making a good secure crimp end.

So there we are, a simple guide to the basic tools of the trade to get you on your way to making great jewellery at home.   You can buy these tools from craft shops, hobby stores or online and they are all readily available.   There are a number of different qualities available, and you should firstly go for comfort with comfortable handles.  The items displayed in the above picture have small thinner handles but you can easily find larger more spongy handles readily available if you find those more suitable.

They can be bought individually for around £5 each and £10 for the crimping pliers, or you can invest in a nice set in a case for not much more than £25.

Whatever you decide to you  I am sure you will have great fun in making your own jewellery, and I can't wait to see your results.



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