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Vintage Up-Cycling

We all love a bit of vintage don't we?   There are so many fabulous items wiaitng to be discovered in markets, antique fairs and even charity shops.  

Have you ever coe across a piece of old jewellery that you really love but it's just not in the style you would actually wear it ?

Maybe you have been passed down some faily costume jewellery that although is very sentimental you would never find yourself wearing?

Perhaps you should consider up-clycling those pieces?   One thing I love to do is to browse through secondhand markets, antique stalls and charity shops looking for unwanted vintage jewellery.  I look out for things like odd earrings, old brooches and necklaces that may have seen better days.  

Every piece holds a story, and if they could only talk, what a tale they would tell!

All the pirces I collect get thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired if needed, then many are dismanted and placed together in complimentary colour groups and remodelled into something altogether new and fabulous.   

It can be very hard on the fingers, with all the cutting, filing and re-making, but the effects are always worth it.  You would be surprised what you can make from a variety of old bits and pieces.  From necklaces, bracelets and brooches, every piece is re-used.  Even the bits with missing stones and tarnished metal can be re-used to make some great wall art.

So next time you are browsing around stalls, or just having a clearout at home, why not consider making something new from somethin old and out the bling back into your life.


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