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What are Mille Flori Beads?

Mille flori means a thousand flowers in Italian.   Originally made in Roman times these beautiful beads are made from glass with the appearance of fabulous flowers held within the glass.  The technique was revived in the 16th century by Venetian glass makers.   The method used is very smilar to that used by candy rock makers.   The hot glass is rolled into thin rods  or "canes" of all different colours, each colour is then laid  lengthwise around a central core colour to make a flower, once the desired shape is acheieved the long flower rod is then cut into slices, revealing the flower design.

The beads are then fired to hold fast their shape and colour.  Shapes can be square, rectangular, heart or flower shapes to name a few.  

Although the process sounds complex and time consuming it's fairly straightforward which makes these adorable beads easily available and affordable.

Because the method for making these beads has been around for centuries you can find some very old beads in circulation, many of these become collectors items and can be identified by the deep rich colours as opposed to the lighter brighter fresher coloures of more recently manufactured beads.

Whichever type of mille flori beads you prefer you will always find a shapre and colour scheme to suit your needs, and as there are so many designs available you will have  alarge seldction to choose from for your project.



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